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Glue Chip Glass

LCR Products is leading importer and distributor of glue chip glass.

With over a million feet of glue chip glass produced annually,  our glue chip glass is used by leading OEM manufacturers in the US, Mexico, Canada, UK and Australia in the production of decorative lites, stained glass windows, lightning fixtures, and for beveling.

Known for our consistent glue chip pattern, excellent cutability, and scratch free surface, LCR glue chip glass is the quality customers expect.  We produce glue chip glass in two patterns, single and double chip in clear glass and an assortment of colors. LCR glue chip glass is manufactured on 3mm and 5mm float glass.

Our glue chip glass comes in standard 2 ft x 3 ft sheets, 100 sheets per case, and 40 cases per 20 ft container.  For stained glass distributors we can provide smaller cases for ease of handling.

Custom size sheets of glue chip glass are available to ensure maximum usage in a production environment.

For those whose requirements for glue chip glass are on a smaller scale,  LCR maintains an  inventory of glue chip glass at our warehouse for immediate shipment.


For quotes and lead time please contact us at:

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